Marion Gordon 'Pat' Robertson, a well-known american religious figure, has given the world many organisations and corporations, some of which did some real charitable good in the world.

Unfortunately, his legacy will be tainted with one of the best examples of LACK of Grace. He proclaims he believes in the Bible and its doctrines - I can't judge that. But I can criticize his comment on Haiti's destruction and it's relationship with God.

Grace stoops to help, not point the finger
Grace understands that God has a plan, not blame a pact with Satan for a catastrophe
Grace demonstrates humility in front of the unknown, not pride itself on knowing 'facts'
Grace cares for the innocent, not blame their ancestors
Grace glorifies Christ, not Pat.
The relationships between Grace, Faith and Works is at the core of understanding the Gospel.

The Bible says:
  • His Grace is the Source
  • Faith in Him is the Means
  • My Good Works is the Result.
Things became complicated for me when I believed the lie that:
  • My Good Works was the Source
  • Faith in Me was the Means
  • His Grace was the Result.
A hard lesson to learn.
My personal relationship with Grace is an interesting one to reflect on. 

I was wholly defined by my falling from Grace (Ga 5:4)
I am now wholly defined by Grace (1Co 15:10)

I am standing firm in Grace (Ro 5:2, 1Pt 5:12)
I am completely under Grace (Ro 6:14)
I demonstrate, represent and am filled with Grace as a vessel of Grace (Ro 9:23)

I taste Grace (1Pt 2:2-3)

I have crowns of Grace (Ps 103:4)
I have value based on Grace (1Co 15:10)
I give Him Glory because of His Grace (Ro 9:23)

Grace is all around me, Grace is in me, Grace is me.
One of the most prolific christian songwriters, known to his friends as 'Smitty', has penned a wonderful song based on Grace, from his album Stand.

The lyrics make Grace a very personal  and very powerful experience, as it should be.

Experiment it as he does. Let it shine on you.
Finding Grace is often about a matter of perspective. For those who believe, Grace resides in where we look, if we look at the right places. Here is something a friend of the site sent in:

- Look up and glorify God's Grace
- Look back and thank God's Grace
- Look forward and trust God's Grace
- Look around and serve with God's Grace
- Look within and find God's Grace for you

Grace. It's where you look.

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