Lam 3:23 tells us that God's Graces are renewed every morning. That means every time I open my eyes in the morning, God has new Graces for me. 

So that got me thinking: what else does the Bible say about the morning, the night, the day ? 
What did others do when they awoke, during the day and when they went to bed ? 
What were the daily rituals of those who felt God's renewed Graces every day ?

May this become my daily guide to experimenting God Graces every day.

Day and night belongs to God Gen 1:5, 14-18, Ps 19:2, 65:8, 74:16, 104:20, 118:24, Jer 33:20, 25, Am 5:8, Mt 5:45

I will pray Ex 29:38-39, Ps 5:3, 88:13, 102:2
I will praise Ps 59:16, 92:2 (his graces)
I will have joy Ps 30:5, 118:24
I will work Ps 104:22-23, Ec 10:16, 11:6
I will act justly Jer 21:12
I will meditate on the Word Lk 21:38, John 8:2

I am given love Ps 42:8
I am healed Mal 4:2

Obey: Abraham Gen 22:3, Joshua Jos 6:12, 8:10
Reconcile: Isaac and Esau Gen 26:31
Worship: Jacob Ge 28:18, Moses Ex 24:4, Israel Ex 29:38-42
Depend on God: Israel Ex 16:21
Correct an evil: King Darius with Daniel Dan 6:19
Pray: Jesus Mk 1:35
Preach: Peter and the apostles Acts 5:21

I will meditate Gn 24:63
I will worship Ex 29:38-39
I will praise Jb 35:10, Ps 42:8, 92:2 (his faithfulness)
I will repent Ps 30:5
I will rest Ps 104:23, John 9:4
I will repent Jl 1:13
I will settle my wrath Ep 4:26

I am at peace Ps 4:8

Pray: Samuel 1Sam 15:11
Pray: Jesus Mt 14:23, Lk 6:12

ALL DAY (day and night)
I am guided Ex 13:21-22, 40:38, Num 14:14, Neh 9:19, Ps 78:14
I am seen 1Ki 8:29, 2Chr 6:20
I am followed by goodness and love Ps 23:6
I am shown my sins Ps 32:3-4
I am protected Ps 121:6
I am being accused, and defended Rev 12:10

I will talk about God Dt 6:6-7
I will be near to Him 1Ki 8:59
I will meditate on the Word Ps 1:2, Jos 1:8
I will pray Neh 1:6, Ps 22:2, 55:17, 88:1, Lam 2:18, Matt 6:11, Lk 11:3, 18:7, 1Thess 3:10, 1Ti 5:5, 2Ti 1:3
I will not fear Ps 91:5
I will worship Lk 2:37
I will take up my cross Lk 9:23
I will exhort others Acts 20:31
I will work 1Thess 2:9, 2Thess 3:8

God's plan is in motion Mk 4:27
God is being praised Rev 4:8
The pain of God's absence Rev 20:10
The slow, gradual descent into the deep abyss of personal destruction is one often characterized by the following 'D's
  • Desire
  • Decision
  • Departure
  • Deception
  • Defeats
  • Desperation
Before getting to the last and fateful D (Destruction), GRACE is there to offer the alternative 'D' : Deliverance. 

No matter what step I am at, Grace is available and powerful enough to get me out of the tailspin. 

Grace. It works everywhere.
In my studies on Grace, I have learnt that there are certain things I can do nothing about. Six actually.

Nothing I can do will change the past 
Nothing I can do will control the future

Nothing I can do will make God love me more
Nothing I can do will make God love me less

The cross will ask nothing more than what I can give
The cross will ask nothing less than what I can give

I need to remind myself of these all too often.

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