The story of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke is a brilliantly told tale of two sons who needed Grace. One because he squandered shamelessly away his heritage, and the other because he was shamelessly hypocritical towards his Father. And yet the Father showed abundant Grace. Actually he is the epitome how to dispense Grace to the worst of us... 

But there is so much more.

John MacArthur does a great job peeling the many layers this amazing story - the cultural honor-shame context, the gravity of the youngest's mistakes, the hardness of the oldest's heart and, above all, the scandal of the Father's Grace. One quote from the video which spoke to me: 'Legalists hate Grace'.

No matter which son you are, there is scandalous, shameful, abundant, irrational Grace. 
My prayer for today

Because of: 
- my state of sin and who I am comes from my fallen heart
- Christ's atoning work and the gift of grace and unconditional love
- my being forgiven, loved, and graced
- my calling which is to know and glorify only Him  

Today, by His grace only, I will: rigourous with myself
- strive to be more holy
- put God first, then my family, then the church and then my work
- work hard, earn my keep and give Him the first fruits
- pray, listen to His voice and follow His leading
- read His word, meditate on His word and let it dwell richly in me
- resist temptation and do His will
- exemplify the Gospel and show Fruit
- die to myself and take up my cross
- hold my promises
- cry out to Him and sing His praises
- repent, rejoice and be glad 
- be controlled by the Spirit 
- glorify Him
...and gracious with others
- serve Him and others
- forgive others

Today I will be careful:
- where I get my advice
- what I look at
- where I go
- what I do
- how I walk
- what I think
- what I want
- what I say
- what or how I feel
- what I read
- to talk to God intimately and personally in prayer all the time.

Today He promises me His:
- grace
- provision
- presence
- bread
- peace
- love
- satisfaction
- wisdom
- compassion
- joy
- favour
- support
- forgiveness

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