Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation." Maslow's hierarchy of needs is often portrayed in the shape of a pyramid, with the largest and most fundamental levels of needs at the bottom, and the need for self-actualization at the top. Maslow's theory suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual will strongly desire (or focus motivation upon) the secondary or higher level needs.

This theory has become pervasive in our culture and society, being the basis of thought-processes and projects worldwide.

This begged the questions : where is Grace in all of this ? is Grace applicable in the hierarchy of needs ? If so, where ? Can Grace really fill every need I have ?

Turns out, it can. And it doesn't just fill every need, it overly  satisfies it. My needs are completely filled by God's provision of Grace for me, focusing on His glory before my own.

I hope you enjoy seeing how Grace can fulfill everything you need.

1. Physiological needs
For the most part, physiological needs are obvious – they are the literal requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body simply cannot continue to function. 

Air, water, and food are metabolic requirements for survival in all animals, including humans. Clothing and shelter provide necessary protection from the elements.

Grace is characterized as being:
Worth more than silver and gold Pr 22:1

Grace is linked with:
Life Jb 10:12, Pr 3:22
Healing Ps 6:3

I am:
Tasting (G) 1Pt 2:2-3
Clothed in (G) Col 3:12

Because of Grace, I can pray for:
For God's healing Ps 6:2
For God to take away my affliction Ps 25:16
For God to heal my soul Ps 41:4
For God's strength Ps 86:16

Because of His Grace, I receive:
Strength Ps 86:16, Is 33:2, Zc 10:6, He 13:9, 2Ti 2:1, 2Co 12:8-9, 1Pt 5:10
Riches 1Co 1:4-5, Ep 3:8

2. Safety needs
Safety needs have to do with establishing stability and consistency in a chaotic world. These needs are mostly psychological in nature.

With their physical needs relatively satisfied, the individual's safety needs take precedence and dominate behavior. Safety and Security needs include: Personal security, financial security, health and well-being, safety net against accidents / illness and their adverse impacts.

Grace is characterized as being:
A shield Ps 5:12
Trustworthy Ps 52:8

Grace is linked with:
Truth Dt 10:12, 2Sa 15:20, Ps 61:7, 85:10, 89:14, 138:2, Pr 3:3, 14:22, 16:6, 20:28, Jer 22:3, Ho 4:1, 6:6, Mic 7:20, Zc 7:9, Jn 1:14,17, Col 1:6
Righteousness Ps 33:5, 112:4, 116:5, Pr 21:21, Jr 9:24, Ho 2:19, 10:12, Ro 5:17, 21
Justice Ps 33:5, 101:1, Jr 9:24, Ho 2:19, 12:6, Mic 6:8, Zc 7:9

I am:
Surrounded by (G) Ps 5:12
Standing in (G) Ro 5:2, 1Pt 5:12
Under (G) Ro 6:14

Because of Grace, I can pray for:
For rescue from my trouble Ps 31:9

Because of His Grace, I receive:
Protection Jb 10:12, Ps 5:12, La 3:22
Stability Ps 21:7, 30:7
Preservation Ps 61:7, Pr 20:28

3. Love and belonging
After physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, the third layer of human needs are interpersonal and involve feelings of belongingness like friendship, intimacy and family.

Humans have a desire to belong to groups: clubs, work groups, religious groups, family, gangs, etc. We need to feel loved by others, to be accepted by others. Performers appreciate applause. We need to be needed. 

Grace is linked with:
Forgiveness Ps 86:5
Compassion Ps 86:15, 111:4, 112:4, 145:8, Zc 7:9
Love Ho 2:19, 1Ti 1:14
Fellowship 2Co 8:4

I am:
A vessel of (G) Ro 9:23
Showing (G) Zc 7:9

Because of Grace, I can pray for:
For God to take away my loneliness Ps 25:16

I interact with Grace in my:
Giving Jb 6:14, Zc 7:9, Lk 6:32-24, 10:36-37
Dealing, lending Ps 37:26, 112:5
Rebuking Ps 141:5
Speaking Pr 15:18, 22:11, Ec 10:12, Ep 4:29, Col 4:6
Forgiving Mt 18:33, Ep 4:32, 2Co 2:7. 10, Col 3:13
Meetings Ac 11:23
Rejoicing Ac 11:23, 2Co 8:1-2
Encouraging Ac 13:43, Rom 12:3, 2Co 8:1, 6, 2Ti 2:1
Partaking Ep 1:7
Bonding Php 1:7, 1Pt 3:8
Being 2Co 1:12
Praying, longing 2Co 9:14

I bless others:
Because of God's (G) Ge 33:11
(G) is the blessing Ge 43:29, Nb 6:25, 2Sa 15:20, Ac 13:43, Ac 20:32, 
By commending them to (G) Ac 14:26, 15:40, 20:32, Ga 2:9
In the 'hellos' Ro 1:7, 1Co 1:3, 2Co 1:2, Ga 1:3, Ep 1:2, Php 1:2, Col 1:2, 1Th 1:1, 2Th 1:2, 1Ti 1:2, 2Ti 1:2; Tit 1:4, Phm 1:3, 1 Pt 1:2, 2Pt 1:2, 2Jo 1:3, Re 1:4
In the 'good-byes' Ro 16:20, 1Co 16:23, 2Co 13:14, Gal 6:18, Ep 6:24, Col 4:18, 1Th 5:28, 2Th 3:18, 1Ti 6:21, 2Ti 4:22; Tit 3:15, Phm 1:25, He 13:25, Re 22:21

Because of His Grace, I receive:
Fellowship Ga 2:9
Unity with others Ep 4:7-16

4. Esteem
All humans have a need to be respected and to have self-esteem and self-respect. Esteem presents the normal human desire to be accepted and valued by others. People need to engage themselves to gain recognition and have an activity or activities that give the person a sense of contribution, to feel self-valued, be it in a profession or hobby.

There are two types of esteem needs. First is self-esteem which results from competence or mastery of a task. Second, there's the attention and recognition that comes from others.

Grace is characterized as being:
Praiseworthy Ep 1:6

Grace is linked with:
Glory Ps 84:11
Humility Mic 6:8

I am:
Crowned with (G) Ps 103:4

Because of Grace, I can pray for:
For God to raise me up Ps 41:10

I serve others:
Because of (G) Ro 12:6, Ep 3:2, 7-8, 2Co 4:15, 9:8,14, 1Ti 1:12, 1Pt 3:7

Because of His Grace, I receive:
Honor Pr 11:16, 21:21

5. Self-actualization
“What a man can be, he must be.” This forms the basis of the perceived need for self-actualization. This level of need pertains to what a person's full potential is and realizing that potential. Maslow describes this desire as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.

The need for self-actualization is "the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming." People who have everything can maximize their potential.

Grace is characterized as being:
Free Ro 3:24, 8:32, 1Co 2:12
Sufficient 2Co 9:8, 12:9
Manifold 1Pt 4:10

Grace is linked with:
Wisdom Pr 31:26, Lk 2:40
Purpose 2Ti 1:9

I am:
Defined by (G) 1Co 15:10

Because of His Grace, I receive:
Joy Ps 9:13-14, Ac 11:23, 2Co 8:1-2
Glory Ps 89:17, 2Co 1:12, 2Th 1:12
Hope Ps 130:7, 2Th 2:16, Tit 2:13, 3:7, 1Pt 1:13
Enlightenment Ezr 9:8
Personal value Jr 9:23-24, Ac 20:24, 1Co 15:10, 2Co 1:12, 12:9
Knowledge 1Co 1:4-5
Satisfaction and sufficiency 2Co 9:8, 12:8-9
Perfection 1Pt 5:10Glorification Ps 23:6, Ep 2:5, 1Pt 1:13
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