My prayer for today

Because of: 
- my state of sin and who I am comes from my fallen heart
- Christ's atoning work and the gift of grace and unconditional love
- my being forgiven, loved, and graced
- my calling which is to know and glorify only Him  

Today, by His grace only, I will: rigourous with myself
- strive to be more holy
- put God first, then my family, then the church and then my work
- work hard, earn my keep and give Him the first fruits
- pray, listen to His voice and follow His leading
- read His word, meditate on His word and let it dwell richly in me
- resist temptation and do His will
- exemplify the Gospel and show Fruit
- die to myself and take up my cross
- hold my promises
- cry out to Him and sing His praises
- repent, rejoice and be glad 
- be controlled by the Spirit 
- glorify Him
...and gracious with others
- serve Him and others
- forgive others

Today I will be careful:
- where I get my advice
- what I look at
- where I go
- what I do
- how I walk
- what I think
- what I want
- what I say
- what or how I feel
- what I read
- to talk to God intimately and personally in prayer all the time.

Today He promises me His:
- grace
- provision
- presence
- bread
- peace
- love
- satisfaction
- wisdom
- compassion
- joy
- favour
- support
- forgiveness

9/26/2011 03:42:12

Love it, this is something we should read every morning to remember what grace we receive and what grace we should give out.


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