This hits very to home. Taken form a document I once called simply title 'grace'.

Legalism VS Grace
  • Legalism tells you what to do, Grace exhorts you to believe God & His Word
  • Legalism focuses on traditions, customs and creeds, Grace focuses on Christ
  • Legalism forces you to conform to accepted practices, Grace allows diversity in practices
  • Legalism emphasizes on rules, Grace emphasizes on relationship with God and others
  • Legalism centers on principles and concepts, Grace centers on Christ
  • Legalism directs you to what you should be doing, Grace directs you to what God has done
  • Legalism points you to a cause, a church, Grace points you to Christ
  • Legalism majors on theology and doctrine, Grace majors on people and ministering to their needs
  • Legalism seeks to control you, results in alienation, Grace seeks to release you to enjoy God and love
  • Legalism stresses what you are doing wrong, Grace stresses who you are in Christ
  • Legalism is judgmental and discouraging, Grace is accepting and encouraging
Robert Baxter
6/30/2013 12:47:13

The problem with the legalist's and legalism is in the mindset that there is a "need" to impress God and others in this heretical movement in many of the current churches of today.

The more they can look and appear like they are "doing" what is in their eyes (increasing) the Kingdom of God here on earth, the more they feel they are making a difference.

They are "Doing" instead of just believing.

Where they are missing it here is that anything
we all do on our own
is still filthy rags.

Even when we worship with our hands raised.
If we do it like the "Charazymatic's"; to be scene for their righteousness.

Their type of righteousness being the measure of their worth to the Father.
It's still only as filthy rags.

The believer was meant to live by Belief and Faith.
Right Believing leads to Right Living.

Right doing is the law in legalism.

It is hard to get a legalist to understand that all of their doing does not impress the Father.

Believing in Him,
Whom He Sent
is what He the Father is looking
to see in His created beings.

When a believer thinks that their "right doing" puts the period on any "work"; they take the Father's Workmanship out of their lives and substitutes something that their Lord Jesus bought and paid for over 2000 years ago on the Cross.

This Finished Work is the Whole Catalyst to our Way to the Father.

His Workmanship can only come into a Faith Believing Vessel that trusts totally in what Jesus has already done.

That's pure faith without the human factor being mixed in.

The human factor was really mixed in when they boasted in their ability in Exodus that they could do all that their God commanded.

Even a Bible believer can read in the OT how the Father changed His whole tenor when they did this and started treating them as to their boasting.

After all they were led into Egypt under a form of Grace.
The Abrahamic Covenant.
Abraham believed and he was called righteous.

The Father led them out of Egypt because they did not continue in that Covenant.

Moses led them up to Mount Sinai with none feeble and totally rich.
They boasted in their law keeping ability and next they created the golden calf.
A graven image.
The Law Abounded and I Died. (Paul)
I wish they could see their works as that graven images.

They believe that in some way their work is going to please God.

It is necessary in their make up mindset that something has to be done.

If they don't show God their seriousness in this work.
They will some how not be good enough.

Jesus was the only one that was "Good Enough".

When I try to convey this to the legalist.

They are blinded to these truths,
that are so prevalent in the Word of God.

They do not understand that man's righteousness is as filthy rags.

Man is to believe and receive.
To ask, seek and knock,
To speak and call things that are not as though they are.

This is true faith.

Because it totally takes the human factor out of the equation of man meeting God's plans.

"Be still and Know "I AM" God"

This stillness allows us to hear the Holy Spirit confirm our Abba Fathers Will for us in the Spirit of Huious.

If we are busy we cannot hear.

If we are busy trying to be righteous or justified by our works when we are looking for a pat on the back.

Instead Jesus and the promises of God are made of no effect in our lives.

There is no difference in this attitude and what the Children of Israel boasted about at the foot of Mount Sinai.

This is an ugly heresy in these last days.

Being under the law is not a good place to be.

Because those that go back to the law after tasting Grace are actually the ones that Fall From Grace.


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