The premise of this series is to crawl through the biblical text and determine how each of God's actions were full of Truth and Grace, the 2 characteristics describing Jesus in John 1:14,17. 

We often think that God was 'justice' in the Old Testament and was 'love' in the New Testament. Nothing could be further from the truth. I hope this series will help show that God never changed and was equally Truth and Grace from the very beginning.

Truth was God's standard, Grace gave man choice
Truth saw that wickedness of man was great on the earth, Grace grieved
Truth pronounced judgement on all living things, Grace found favor in Noah
Truth gave Noah specific instructions, Grace gave him promises
Truth applied the judgment and made it rain to drown all living things, Grace waited for the ark to finish and be full, and closed the door behind Noah and his family
Truth killed all living things, Grace saved Noah, his family and the animal species
Truth surrounded Noah with rain and water, Grace remembered him, restrained the rain, gave him an olive-leaf, dried up the earth and made it livable
Truth brought Noah to offer a sacrifice of clean animals, Grace accorded favour to Noah and promised the earth's continuity
Truth established its initial laws, Grace established its covenant and made the rainbow its symbol
Truth found Noah naked, Grace had 2 of his sons cover him
Truth applied Noah's curse to Ham and Canaan, Grace multiplied the sons of Noah on the earth and gave them the land
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