I recently read a profound reflection that begged the scary question: What if God based His love and His blessings for us solely based on our deeds and not His Grace?

The following sends me on my knees in thanks. Thankful that Grace is unmerited favor, that God's love is not a natural reaction to my relationship with Him, that God does not treat me the way I tend to treat others, that Grace is ultimately not a 'deal' I have with the Almighty.

It also springs me back on my feet to serve Him more, obey Him more, love Him more. 

This is not a checklist of things I should do to merit His favor. It won't work by my strength alone. I know. I tried.

This is a realization that His Grace is ever present in those easy-to-forget details and edges me on to want to be closer to Him.

What If?

What if, GOD couldn't take the time to bless us today because we couldn't take the time to thank Him yesterday?
What if GOD decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didn't follow Him today?
What if, we never saw another flower bloom because we grumbled when GOD sent the Rain?
What if GOD didn't walk with us today because we failed to recognize it as His day?
What if, GOD took away the Bible tomorrow because we would not read it today?
What if, GOD took away His message because we failed to listen to the messenger?
What if, GOD didn't send His only begotten Son because He wanted us to be prepared to pay the price for sin.
What if, the door of the church was closed because we did not open the door of our heart?
What if, GOD stopped loving and caring for us because we failed to love and care for others?
What if, GOD would not hear us today because we would not listen to Him ?
What if, GOD answered our prayers the way we answer His call to service?

What if, GOD met our needs the way we give Him our lives?

- Anonymous
4/9/2012 07:38:39

Wow..ouch...great post!

9/11/2012 11:05:08

First time reading this blog, just wanted to say hi.


Its not give and take relationship to be precise. Its just a leap of faith in him. He is the one who gives us hope and enlightens us.

2/12/2013 13:14:37

You are correct my friend.

However, I sometimes treat God with a give and take attitude and am soooo thankful that He does not.

This was a reflection as to how it would be if God treated me with the same horrible manner I sometimes treat Him

9/11/2013 23:28:04

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9/30/2013 20:59:10

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10/16/2013 08:43:14

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10/27/2013 06:56:18

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3/13/2014 17:12:35

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