I have seen too many a times someone use Grace as an excuse to do whatever they wanted. God is Love, right? He is going to forgive me anyways, right?

I became intrigued about the relationship between Grace and Truth, Justice and Obedience. How do they work together ? Does one balances the other: like too much on the 'Justice side' is Legalism, too much on the 'Love side' is Abuse ?

First, Grace is characterized as being not the law Jn 1:17Ro 4:165:206:14–1511:5-6Ga 2:215:4 

Conclusion 1 : They aren't the same.

Then we see that Grace is forever linked with
Conclusion 2 : There is a relationship.

We continue and notice that Grace
Conclusion 3 : Grace leads me to obey.

On the flip side we see that Grace is not to be abused Is 26:10Jnh 2:8Ro 3:84:46:115Ga 1:62:215:4,1Co 15:102Co 6:1He 10:2912:1513:9Jude 1:4

Conclusion 4: Grace is not an excuse to disobey.

And finally, when looking deeper at the relationship between Grace and Obedience, I find 
1. that Grace is the SOURCE of my Obedience Ps 119:29Ro 1:5 and Holiness Ro 6:222Co 1:12,  2Ti 1:9Tit 2:11-131Pt 2:1-3
2. Grace is the RESULT of my Obedience Ex 20:633:13Dt 7:913:17-181Ki 8:232Ch 6:1430:9Ps 84:11103:1317,112:4Pr 1:93:414:9Ezr 8:22Ne 1:5Is 30:1855:7Am 5:15Ep 6:24

Conclusion 5: I obey because of Grace and I receive Grace because I obey.

I take an important life lessons from that: It really is all about giving Grace to the sinner ...including myself, 

but never being graceful towards the sin itself ...including my own.
Robert Baxter
7/1/2013 14:34:33

Obedience and Grace

Grace is a person and His Name is Jesus Christ.

He came with Grace and Truth because He IS Grace and Truth.

There is only one Obedience in the Universe that makes a difference no matter how you slice it.

Father I have come to do your will. Jesus Said in John 17

His Obedience on the Cross was the only obedience I will trust in.

My obedience is like my own righteousness; Filthy Rags.

It was by one man's disobedience that ( sin - fallen nature) entered the world.
And many have been made unrighteous.

It is by ONE Man's Obedience,
That many are MADE RIGHTEOUS.

Just like we TAKE His wisdom, Redemption, Sanctification / Holiness, and His Righteousness.

We are to trust in His Obedience.
Which makes us Righteous by His Gift and His Finished Work on the Cross.

When we think that by our doing or effort or performance is somehow going to make us look better in the eyes of our Father (Abba) in Heaven.

We forget that the more we are dead to the law we are; the more our spirit comes alive. AMEN


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