When I read how Grace is characterized in the Bible, I discover that it stands in stark opposition to the feeling of guilt one gets when remembering a forgiven past. 

Guilt is good when it brings us to Grace. It's not good when Grace has been given to cover the debt, and we (alone) persist on doing more to pay for said debt. We can't... and it's that guilt that goes against the grain of Grace.

Based on the how Grace is described,  here is the contrast to Guilt.

Guilt is a sword, Grace is a shield
Guilt has been removed, Grace is everlasting
Guilt is a lie, Grace is trustworthy
Guilt is atrophying, Grace is abundant
Guilt is a dark cloud, Grace is a cloud with spring rain
Guilt is worthless, Grace is worth more than gold
Guilt focuses on an event, Grace is renewed every morning
Guilt costs too much, Grace is free
Guilt is ugly, Grace is glorious
Guilt is fruit-decaying, Grace is fruit-producing
Guilt is personal, Grace is contagious
Guilt is unsatisfying, Grace is sufficient
Guilt is limited, Grace is exceeding
Guilt is single-minded, Grace is manifold.

I choose Grace.
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