I have recently been re-exposed to the fragility of life : how it hangs by a very thin thread, how we can't control what happens to us and how Grace is all that really keeps that thread from breaking at any moment. 

I then started reflecting on epitaphs, those sentences we leave on our tombstones for all of prosterity to see. The questions started flooding in: What sentence would define me ? What words would best describe my dreams, my goals, my aspirations, my achievements, my relationships ? We are such complex people, how can it all be reduced to one last saying ? If the passerby knew absolutely nothing about me, what could I tell them ? What do I really stand for ? What is at my core ?

I searched my soul for the basic truths I hold more than anything else. I have found 3:

  1. I was loved enough for Him to send his Son and graced enough to put my faith in Him
  2. The highest achievement I could reach is to be like Christ. And I take John 1:14,17's description of Him as my personal daily guide : 'filled with Grace and Truth'
  3. My purpose on this planet is to receive from God what he sends me and share with others

And while I don't expect my epitaph to be written soon, it was a blessing to reflect on what it would say. 

GraceGuy - He strove to be like Christ, Filled with Grace and Truth; From above, overflowing to others
6/17/2011 18:15:46

Wow!!!! Very nice, ça fait réfléchir...

7/6/2011 07:41:07

Wow, i like it. makes me wonder what people would put on mine... I would hope that i led a Christ centered life enough that my tombstone wouldn't even mention me without regards to Christ. I should have 2 tombstones, when Christ saved me it was the death of my oldself and lifestyle. This second death is just me going into the presence of God. Thanks! Great Blog!

S. Richardson
10/12/2012 07:16:35

Beautifully said... I've thought about my marker too and have wondered why more Christian markers don't reflect God's "grace". Something like " Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ...and I'll see you again."

I love your website - it has been so helpful as I have been trying to get a better understanding of "grace". Like you said - a lifetime undertaking!


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