She sees beyond everything the mirror reflects to my broken state, my hurting heart, my aching soul, my unspoken needs. Her ears listen to me when I have too much and nothing to say. Her tongue speaks words of peace, love and truth that fill me. Her heart gladly rejoices with mine and breaks into pieces with mine as well. 

Her hands, ah her wonderful hands. They touch me when sin makes me a leper. They pick me up when I am crippled by my desires. They grab me when I am sinking in my sea of doubt. They give me sight when I am blinded by pride. They feed my soul when I am hungry for answers. They water my heart when it is an arid desert of callosity. They raise me from the death of my own actions.

Her feet run to embrace me and shower me when I come back from my shameful deeds. She runs away from sin and yet stands by me in mine, waiting and encouraging me to run away with her and Truth, her partner. 

When I was wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, she was all I had left. Her undeserved gifts are sufficient, rich, abundant, exceeding, manifold, contagious and glorious. They are renewed every single morning and they are free. 

She paid the ultimate price for me, showed me the way to eternal joy and walks with me every day until I get there.

She is Grace.

- GraceGuy
6/10/2011 05:21:04

You made me cry, this is better than 'footsteps on the beach'


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